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Invaluable Suggestions For Increasing Your Sales From HMS

Wouldn’t you like to turn crisis into opportunities? Here are our suggestions we have prepared for you;

Particularly you should avoid to increasing or decreasing your prices suddenly. If the price increase made with a hasty decision is not made in the equivalent hotels, it will keep your occupancy low or the price decrease will cause you to not get enough income even if the hotel is full.

At this point, the important thing is to detecting the right price. You can use OTAs to find the right price and you can follow similar hotel prices in your area. You can apply promotions after the pulling prices above the right level for attracting the customer. You can follow the previous season’s income and occupancy in the same periods by using the reports you receive on our system and determine your policies with these reports.

  • Feel free to work with more OTAs, more channels mean more online visibility and advertising. With HMS, you can manage all these channels from a single panel, so you can easily manage prices, availabilities and restrictions. Also, HMS will manage your availabilities Thus, your availability is automatically calculated and sent to all channels in every new reservation, cancellation and change without losing work and time. 
  • Create remarkable promotions at the OTA’s. You can make promotions encourage long-term accommodation, like stay 3 nights, pay 2. 
  • You can change your hotel concept as Isolated Hotel in order to provide a healthy service your guest and to protect you and your employee’s health, especially during this epidemic. 

  • Website is most important thing for an accommodation provider. You should keep your website up-to-date, upload high quality images and content for meeting your potential guests which are searching regional by searching engines. Also, you will able to get reservations with our online reservation engine as commission-free.
  • Online reviews are so important for your service and hotel. Remember this, these reviews will be shown by your potential guests and these reviews will be so important for first impression. Our Guest Relations module can be used for get feedbacks from your guests and with this way, you can see yourself how your guest’s see you.
  • Global Distribution Systems is following by almost 600.000 agencies per day. These systems make your hotel more visible too.