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We are working for make your job easier with our property and channel manager system so you can spend most of your time to make your guests happier.

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HMS Property Management System

Save time handling your bookings, guests, invoicing, housekeeping and reporting efficiently.

Everything you need as information about guests and reservations on your homepage.

Manage your hotel with ease from anywhere using HMS, Turkey’s first cloud-based Hotel Program.
HMS Hotel Program is your reliable solution partner that offers a comprehensive system for managing your hotel operations. It combines various features such as front office, accounting, online reservation, ID notification module, channel management, guest relations, ID scanning, QR menu, and HMS rate in a single, user-friendly program.
HMS Hotel Program is a cloud-based program with an easy-to-use interface. You can manage your front office operations, such as housekeeping, reports, invoices, income and expense statements, and more.
Hotel reports

User Friendly Calendar to manage bookings and rooms.


Fully integrated with Channel Manager and Online Booking Engine.


Secured with SSL technology and regular backups


Cloud Based Quick check-in and check-out function at anywhere.

User Friendly

Dashboard helps you to prepare guest arrivals and departures.

We help ambitious businesses like yours generate more profits by building awareness with our Hotel Management System, getting more reservation, connecting with customers, and growing overall sales.

  •   Everything you need as information about guests and reservations on your homepage.
  •   Balances, guest names, reservation dates and statistics about room status are easy to find on dashboard.


A calendar to manage your reservations and rooms


Wide Reporting Screen for Your Facility and Sales

Multiple Management

Manage multiple sites at the same time


Integrated with Channel Manager and Online Booking


Multi-user support with full or limited features

Mobile Compatible

Tablet / Mobile Phone Compatible Design


Convenient interface for Housekeeping Services


Your data is always safe on Servers backed up daily


Reservation extras tracking system

Fast Transactions

You can make Checkin and Checkout transactions in a practical and fast way

Guest Database

Guest profiles and Guest Database

Group Reservation

You can quickly make your Group Reservations on the same screen


Easy Invoicing After Checkout or Service Sale

Drag and Drop

You can easily change rooms etc. with drag and drop method

Staff Reward System

System and Reporting Tools Enabling Your Facility Staff to Earn Bonus from their sales or services

and Much More..

If you want to test many features that you cannot count, you can request a Demo Request

User Friendly Interface

Easy to learn and useful
for both front and back office staff

Empower your staff with our simple yet effective HMS training videos. With our user-friendly interface, you can track all transactions made by your staff while limiting access to sensitive information with role-based permissions.

Your housekeeping staff can use HMS as responsively with Housekeeping screen on any device.
Why Use a Channel Manager?​

Do you know that you can reach more customers with HMS Channel Manager?
Moreover, Channel Manager works fully integrated with Hms Hotel Program

Be Prepared for Guest Arrivals and Departures with HMS Hotel Program Interface.
Find all your Guest and Reservation information on your Homepage, including balances, guest names, reservation dates, and room status.
The HMS Hotel program provides various reports that allow you to examine the statistics of your hotel’s front office, front accounting, and sales departments. You can view your facility’s status in a professionally detailed manner. By integrating with the channel manager, you can check the availability and price status of your rooms in dozens of channels. Additionally, you can send minimum accommodation and sales closure transactions to all channels in one step.
With the pool availability feature of the HMS Hotel program, your reserved room will be automatically marked as unavailable on all integrated channels, reducing your workload and eliminating the risk of double booking.

What They Say About Our Hotel Management Software?

“HMS training videos and documents are easy to understand and they helped efficiently to our front desk team. Also, channel manager‘s ability of managing the global OTA’s is very effective and usefull.”

Huseyin ECE,
Ece Thermal Hotel & SPA

Easy to learn and useful for both Front and Back Office Staff

     The HMS Hotel program is a tool that helps front-office employees manage their daily tasks more efficiently. With the program’s user-friendly interface, tasks like check-in and check-out can be performed seamlessly from a single screen.
     In addition to the basic features of the hotel program, which can be easily learned, the program also includes advanced functionalities like identity scanning, price analysis, and KBS Police and Gendarmerie identity notification, which can be executed with just one click.
    Our Technical Support team provides training videos to help you and your employees learn our easy-to-use system.
     In addition, while your employees are using the program, you can both track and restrict the operations they can do.
     With a special interface for housekeeping employees, you will find everything you need.

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