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We are working for make your job easier with our property and channel manager system so you can spend most of your time to make your guests happier.

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It’s Now Easy to Compare Your Competitors’ Prices with HMS Rate
With HMS RATE, you will be able to instantly check the prices of competing hotels on popular sales channels.
Thus, you have the chance to set prices by checking your competitor hotels.
You can do all these operations on a single screen and easily.
HMS Hotel Program and HMS RATE are enriched by adding new sales channels every day.

Access All Details on the Most Popular Online Sales Channels from a Single Screen

We prevent you from wasting time by reporting all analyzes of competitor facilities and your own facility within minutes.

HMS RATE is a competitor analysis software for hotels. With this software, it instantly reports the room types, rating, prices of rooms and room details of the hotels that are competitors of your property in online travel agencies.
In the general report screen, the lowest prices in the registered channels are shown, and the lowest price between channels is indicated by coloring.

Scoring Analysis

You can view in detail the scores of the facilities you have registered in Hms Rate in each registered channel

Fast Reporting

Reports your competitors' and your property's online instant prices in minutes

Time Saving

It allows you to allocate the labor and time you spend on competitor price analysis to other tasks

Multiple Reporting

Ability to save your reports in different formats