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Automatic e-mail and SMS System before, during and after Reservation

With customizable templates, you can automatically send SMS and e-mails to your guests at every stage of their stay. For the use of this module, it is enough to subscribe to the Guest Relations module from your HMS panel.

You can also use this module manually to send bulk SMS and e-mails.

Customer Satisfaction is Important

With HMS Hotel, you can ensure your loyalty bond with your new and old customers

You can create different scenarios to send SMS or e-mail to your customers

Different drafts for different scenarios

After Reservation

Send 1 Day After Guest Makes Reservation

Before Entry

Send 1 Day Before Guest Checks In

During the Stay

Send on the Guest's 1st Day at the Facility

After Check-out

Send 1 Day After Guest Checks Out

When Invoice Created

After 1 day later creating guest invoice

When Collection Made

After 1 day later collection made

Reminding Debt

Send After 1 day after Customer & Company / Agent Owes

Invoices Overdue

Send After 1 day after Invoice has expired

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