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We are working for make your job easier with our property and channel manager system so you can spend most of your time to make your guests happier.

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Top Rated Online Channel Manager Software

A Channel Manager With Property Management System That’s Easy to Use and Completely Integrated.

What does HMS offer you?

Front Office Management

With Hotel Management System, a cloud-based hotel management software, we offer a single solution for all your needs. Now you can have all the popular tools that you can facilitate your Reservation and Reception work without additional fees.

Channel Manager

You can easily add your hotel to Booking, Expedia, Agoda, Hotels, Airbnb and dozens more of the world’s most popular online sales platforms and increase your bookings. Moreover, you can manage all room availability and price changes from a single panel.

Online Reservation

With the Online Reservation module, you can make reservations from your website without paying any commission. By specifying the payment method you want, it is easily integrated into your website and thus works fully compatible with your hotel program.

Why Should I Choose HMS Hotel Software

There are many reasons why you should prefer HMS as a Hotel Management System. HMS, which is a hotel software prepared with ease of use in mind, is equipped with features that will speed up your business for boutique hotel users. First of all, we offer a single solution for all the needs of your hotel. You can manage online reservations from anywhere with internet access.
The Easiest Hotel Software to Use

It is practical to use and the easiest hotel software to learn. You can manage your hotel's just operation almost from a single screen.

Thus, you will save time thanks to its practical use. You can easily check in and check out from the advanced booking screen.

The Most Affordable Hotel Management System

You will be very pleased with our economical pricing. Through price flexibility, you can have Hotel software and Channel Manager at the most affordable prices. Through our pricing policy proportional to the capacity of your hotel, you pay only the number of rooms in your hotel and you can easily manage your facility with a single program.

Security and Backup

It will never let you down with its reliability. Thanks to the instantly backed up cloud system, your data will always be safe with us.

You will not lose any additional investment and time for backup.

Saves Time

Hms Hotel Software offers you the tools to manage your hotel in the fastest and easiest way. We offer many solutions that will lighten your workload such as Hotspot system integration, Price analysis, Advanced reports, WordPress online reservation module(plug-in), and we continue to develop day by day.

Cloud Based Hotel Automation System

The management of your hotel will always be with you, our cloud-based system offers access from any device. Your extra hardware costs will be eliminated and you will be able to manage your hotel from anywhere and on any device wherever there is internet.

We Offer One Solution for All Your Needs

Hotel Software and Channel Manager in a single interface will save you from separate programs. While increasing your sales with reservations from online sales channels, it will be impossible to experience overbooking. With hundreds of popular online sales channels such as Booking, Expedia, Agoda, Airbnb and Hotelbeds, your rooms will be open to the whole world.

Easily Integrate Your Website

With the Online Reservation Module, you will be able to receive reservations without commission. Moreover, we can easily integrate it into your existing website.

We Offer All Tools For Free (Designed With AI )

Designed with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, we offer the HMS Rate Competitor Hotel Rate Analysis Program tools free of charge and the Automatic Identity Scanning Program is also available to you free of charge.


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Hms Channel Manager  is a values-driven software company dedicated to empowering our customers.

We are working for make your job easier with our property and channel manager system so you can spend most of your time to make your guests happier.

What is the Channel Manager
Channel Manager

Benefits of a Channel Manager

The channel manager is cloud-based and gives you access your account from any device with an internet connection. It allows you to set rates for channels and sell rooms in different configurations.

Instant Price

Instant Price, Availability and Restriction Updates


Real-time Availability Updates from and to your PMS


Reservation Delivery right to your PMS

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What Can You Do with Hotel Software?

Our Hotel Management System, which we add innovations every day because it has a cloud-based structure, offers you many powerful features.

In short, what are the powerful and useful features of the Web-based online hotel management system?

Active Clients
Save Time

HMS training videos and documents are easy to understand and they helped efficiently to our front desk team. Also, channel manager's ability of managing the global OTA's is very effective and usefull.


– Huseyin ECE, Founder of Ece Thermal Hotel and SPA

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