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We are working for make your job easier with our property and channel manager system so you can spend most of your time to make your guests happier.

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Integrated Channel Manager Software

Boosts Your Revenue
With Pooled Inventory!

hms channel manager
With our channel management software, you can confidently offer a pooled availability system to all channels. This means that all channels have simultaneous access to the same amount of available rooms, eliminating the need for manual distribution of less availability to channels to avoid overbooking.
Access your channel management module instantly from any device by connecting to our cloud system. Manage rates, availability, and restrictions from anywhere.

What Does a Channel Manager Do?

HMS Channel Manager is the solution to your property management needs. Without this system, updating availability and price information on all sales channels can be a time-consuming task. However, with HMS Channel Manager, you can manage all sales channels from a single point and receive automatic reservations instantly. This saves you valuable time, which can be utilized to provide exceptional customer service.
Saves Time

Do not bother with manually creating records to Channels. Add your rooms to all Online Sales Channels with a Single Click.

Quick Reservation

View and accept reservations from Online Sales Channels immediately with the Integrated Hotel Program.

Overbooking is a thing of the past

With the Pool Availability System, double booking is no longer a nightmare. All your room availability is secured!

Open Your Rooms to the World

  Booking Confirmations for  Your Guests via SMS and
E-Mail and Much More

Increase Your Revenues

Easily be active in more online sales channels and increase your revenues with Channel Manager.

Reduce Costs

 Hms Channel manager reduces   your system utilization cost and you will not experience  overbooking situations and avoid losses.

Manage Access

 Manage easily from a computer, tablet and mobile  phone with Cloud-based Channel Manager software.

Full Integration

 Hms Hotel Software and Channel Manager are fully integrated. Don't worry, your  reservations are safe in a single panel. 

Start Managing Channels Now with HMS You are now in Control

Operations such as room availability, price update, instant booking from sales channels are now very easy…
If you would like to benefit from the advantages of Hms Channel Manager, please contact us.
Time is Valuable

Don't have to deal with Sales
  Channels one by one, spend the rest of your time on customer satisfaction.

Get Started Now

  With its user-friendly interface,
   you can easily start using
    HMS Channel Manager
   right away.


Person / Room Based Pricing


Person / Room Based Pricing


Periodic and periodic Min. and Max. accommodation, special restrictions and sale closures


Get Reservations from Online Travel Agencies instantly without the need for Extra Processing

Return Policies

Return Policies can be easily managed via HMS

Currency Converter

With HMS, your exchange rates are always up to date

Work with the Most Popular Channels

You can increase your customer potential by working with the most popular sales channels. With Hms Channel Manager, the most popular sales channels are constantly updated and are just a click away.
You can try Hms Hotel Program for free and get help from our sales representatives.

The channel manager is cloud-based and gives you access your account from any device with an internet connection. It allows you to set rates for channels and sell rooms in different configurations.
Easy to Learn

Start your business in a few seconds

Easy to Use

Channel Manager designed basicly for using easily


Hms Channel Manager cheaper then other Pms and Channel Manager softwares

channel manager

Your Datas always secured at Cloud Based Channel Manager and Pms

Cloud Based

Use everywhere, Computer, Mobile Phone, Tablets etc.


PMS and Channel Manager integrated completely

Here is how our channel manager works;
If you have only two rooms left, the channel manager will report your inventory as “two rooms” to the Online Travel Agencies. This means that both relevant channels and rooms for sale on your website will be set to sell a maximum of two rooms.
If a new booking is received from any channel or website, the channel manager will immediately notify other channels and reduce availability.
Thanks to the two-way XML connection, you can instantly share your rates, availability, and restrictions with various global and local channels. Similarly, any reservations you receive from these channels will be automatically integrated into your hotel program. This connection allows for seamless communication between your system and external channels, making it easier for you to manage your bookings efficiently.
The channels that you can connect with iCal technology will synchronize our calendar according to occupancy and availability and transmit the reservations you receive to the HMS Hotel Program.
More Channels = More Reservations

Increase Your Reservations
with Hms Channel Manager

Stop struggling with manually adding your hotel to various online travel agencies. Instead, streamline your online listings and attract more guests with our top-rated channel manager software

HMS Channel Manager has over 20 years of experience. The more online travel agencies you integrate with, the more guests you can attract. Grow your business and use as many popular online distribution channels as you want.
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