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All of the services offered on the HMS Channel Manager Website are owned and operated by Tasarım Rehberi, a registered company on the website. This means that any activities or transactions conducted on the platform are subject to the terms and conditions set forth by Tasarım Rehberi. 

Our company may gather personal data from our users for a variety of reasons. We want to make sure you are aware of how we collect this data, as well as the measures we take to protect it. Please see below for detailed information on our data collection practices and security measures.

As part of the membership registration process or while making a purchase from our store, our company collects certain personal information from our members. This may include details such as their full name, company information, phone number, physical address or email address. We require this information to effectively manage our business operations and provide prompt customer service to our users.

At times, our company may send out promotional offers, campaign information, and details about new products to its customers and members. As a member, you have complete control over whether to receive such information or not. You can make the choice during the membership registration process, or after logging in as a member, you can change your choice by accessing the account information section. Additionally, you will be notified through a link in the information message you receive, which you can use to update your preferences.

When our company receives personal information from our members through the approval process or via email, we take strict measures to ensure the confidentiality and protection of such information. We never disclose any personal information to third parties unless it is necessary and falls within the scope of our “Membership Agreement” with our members.

Our company takes measures to ensure the smooth functioning of the system and to resolve any issues or conflicts that may arise during the provision of our services. For this purpose, we collect and store the IP addresses of our users. The IP addresses can help identify users in a general sense and provide us with valuable demographic data.

Our company reserves the right to use the personal information provided by the user for direct marketing purposes, either by itself or through its partners. This usage may go beyond the purposes and scope defined in the Membership Agreement. Additionally, we may use your personal information to contact you when required. The information requested by our company or provided by the user, along with any transaction-related information gathered through our store, can be used by our company and its partners for various statistical analyses, database creation, and market research. This usage will not reveal the identity of any of our members.

As a part of our commitment to maintaining the highest level of professionalism and integrity, we pledge to safeguard confidential information with the utmost care and diligence. We understand the importance of protecting sensitive information and will take all necessary measures to ensure that it is kept strictly private and confidential. We view the responsibility of maintaining confidentiality as a serious obligation and will do everything within our power to prevent any unauthorized use or disclosure of such information to a third party or its entry into the public domain.


Our company prioritizes the safety and protection of our customers’ credit card information. We do not store your credit card details anywhere in our system, ensuring that your sensitive information remains secure and protected at all times.

When you initiate the process of making transactions on a website, it is crucial to ensure that the website is secure. Two key indicators can help you verify this. The first one is a key or lock icon that is generally located on the bottom line of your browser. This icon indicates that the website is secure, and all the information you provide is encrypted and protected. The second thing to look for is the way your information is used. Secure websites use your information only to complete the sales transaction and follow the instructions you provide. This ensures that your information is not used for any other purpose without your consent.

We use a 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol to encrypt your card details and ensure their safety during transmission. Once the information is encrypted, it is then sent to the relevant bank for verification. If the bank confirms that your card is valid and has sufficient funds, your purchase will be completed. We ensure that no information about your card can be viewed or saved by us. This ensures that third parties cannot access your sensitive credit card information under any circumstances.

Moreover, we verify the reliability of pay, invoice, and delivery address information for all orders placed online using credit card payments. This is a part of our efforts to prevent credit card fraud and protect your financial information. To ensure a seamless shopping experience for our first-time customers, it is imperative that we verify the accuracy of their financial and address/phone information before proceeding with the procurement and delivery of their orders. As part of this process, we may need to contact the credit card holder either directly or through their bank to confirm the authenticity of the provided information. This not only helps us prevent fraudulent activities but also ensures that our customers receive their orders without any delay or inconvenience.

In today’s world, online shopping has become increasingly popular. However, it can be difficult to determine the reliability of a company providing online shopping services without proper research. That’s why internet shopping sites that provide an information line or customer service service, as well as open address and telephone information, are highly preferred. By accessing these resources, you can gain detailed information about any questions or concerns you may have, and gain a better understanding of the company’s reputation before making a purchase. This can ensure a more smooth and secure online shopping experience.

It is advisable to take note of the store’s open address and phone number when shopping online. This information should be readily available on the shopping site. It’s important to keep a record of the store’s contact details before making any purchase. To ensure the legitimacy of the store, it’s recommended to verify the information by calling the store before proceeding with the purchase. You can rest assured that all our online shopping sites contain comprehensive information about our company, including our location.


When you choose to use the credit card mail-order method to send us your identity and credit card information, please be assured that we take your privacy very seriously. Our company stores this information in accordance with our confidentiality policy, which means that it will be kept on hold for 60 days. During this time, we can address any potential issues that may arise with withdrawing money from a credit card, and then the information will be securely destroyed.

It’s important to note that if any amount is withdrawn from your card that is different from the price approved by you on the mail-order form, you have the right to object to the bank. This ensures that you are protected from unauthorized charges and can prevent payment of any amount that you did not approve.


Our store may contain links to other websites. Please be aware that our company is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of any sites accessed through these links. Additionally, any advertisements appearing on our website are distributed to our users by our advertising business partners. Please be aware that the privacy policy outlined in this agreement only pertains to the use of our store, and does not extend to any third-party websites that may be accessed through links on our site.


In specific situations outlined below, our Company may share users’ information with third-party entities. This disclosure of information is done while adhering to our “Privacy Policy” guidelines. These limited number of situations are;

  1. To comply with the obligations imposed by the Law, Decree With Power of Law, Regulations Etc. issued by the competent legal authority and the legal rules in force;
  2. To fulfill the requirements of the Membership Agreement and other agreements concluded by our store with users, and to put them into practice;
  3. To fulfill a request for user information to carry out a thorough research or investigation by the competent administrative and judicial authority.
  4. Situations where, it may be essential to disclose user information to safeguard their rights and ensure their safety.


To protect your sensitive personal and financial information, we highly recommend that you do not include your credit card number or password in any emails that you send when communicating with our Store’s Customer Service team to inquire about your orders. It is important to note that emails are not always secure and third parties may be able to access the information contained within them. Consequently, our company cannot guarantee the security of your email information, and it is therefore essential that you exercise caution when sharing any sensitive data through email.


When you navigate to our website, we utilize a small data file called a cookie to gather specific information about you. This file enables us to identify and monitor your browsing activity, as well as save your preferences for future visits. Cookies are small text files that are sent by a website to your browser and stored in your main memory. They make your internet experience more convenient by storing the status and preferences of the site.

The technical communication file, commonly known as a cookie, plays a crucial role in collecting statistical information about website visitors. It helps to track the number of visitors, their purpose of visit, frequency of visits, and the duration of their stay on the site. Additionally, it is utilized to generate personalized ads and content for users. It is important to note that cookies are not designed to retrieve personal data or email information from the main memory. While most browsers automatically accept cookies, users have the option to modify their browser settings to avoid receiving cookies or receive a warning when they are being sent.

Our company reserves the right to modify or update its “Privacy Policy” or any of its provisions at any time. These changes may be communicated to users through the website or via email. Once the revised policy is published, it will become effective immediately.

If you have any queries or recommendations related to our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected]. Our company’s contact details are also provided below, so you can easily get in touch with us. We value your feedback and are always ready to assist you with any concerns you may have.

Company Title: Tasarim Rehberi
Address: Pamukkale University Technopolish D Block 1st Floor – Z:4 Pamukkale / Denizli
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +90 850 885 00 07